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As part of the Acupuncture treatment, we offer Cupping.  Cupping is an ancient technique that involves placing jars on the skin, suctioning out the air and creating a vacuum. The purpose of cupping is to improve circulation, loosen tissues and help relieve pain. A nice alternative if you prefer not to be treated with needles. 

Sometimes, after treatment, round, red or purplish marks are found just where the cups had been. Contrary to popular belief they are NOT bruises. These marks are the expression of internal stagnation and congestion brought to the surface of the body. They do not appear on everyone, only on those with a significant amount of congestion, poor blood flow and lymph drainage.

Those who are relatively healthy will not express them, while those with severe muscle tightness, headaches, painful periods and various kinds of musculoskeletal pain will promptly show them.

The marks are both therapeutic – as they bring the stagnation out of the tissues and to the surface where they resolve- , and diagnostic – the amount and nature of the discoloration gives an insight into the patient’s condition. 

Over 2-4 weekly sessions as you improve the marks will be less visible and you will feel less tired, stressed and have less tightness and pain in your back.