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What is a Lymphatic Drainage massage?

This hands-on treatment uses gentle, repetitive strokes to soothe and support the lymphatic system, which plays an instrumental role in protecting you from infection and disease. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Detox massage’, this type of massage will support your body’s internal filtration mechanisms and help keep your immune system in check.

This is not a classis massage

Who would benefit from a Lymphatic Drainage massage?

Anyone who has low mood or has been experiencing increased anxiety. This treatment may help to boost your overall health and energy levels.

Manual lymphatic drainage can also be used post-surgery but this needs to be approved by a health professional before booking a massage therapist.

Lymphatic Drainage massage potential benefits

  1. Contributes to whole body detox.
  2. May help with weight loss.
  3. Boosts energy levels.
  4. Improves moods and combats anxiety.
  5. Supports post-surgery recovery.
  6. Helps scars to heal by boosting circulation and the immune system.

During your Lymphatic Drainage treatment

A Lymphatic Drainage massage uses gentle strokes and light pressure to open up your lymph nodes, which are primarily found in the neck, armpits and groin.

This type of massage uses light pressure, rhythmic strokes and soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes.

After your Lymphatic Drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage can leave you feeling exhausted, so make sure to take some time to rest before easing back into activity. The best way to support a healthy lymphatic system is by drinking plenty of water and engaging in gentle exercise, which will flush out toxins.