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Sports Massage is the most effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the muscular-skeletal system. Everyone can benefit from a therapeutic massage treatment, as a preventative measure to maintain good health or to help with a specific problem. In the UK a Swedish massage is often thought of as a luxury, a pampering experience. It can certainly feel that way but the benefits go far deeper than that. Like regular exercise, massage benefits all of the various systems in the body, not just one, promoting physical as well as mental well-being in a variety of ways and everyone can benefit from a treatment.

Received regularly this may help athletes and non-athletes prevent injuries, which might otherwise be caused by overuse. A constant build-up of tension in the muscles from regular activity may lead to stresses on joints, ligaments, tendons, as well as the muscles themselves.

These muscle imbalances may develop and often go undiagnosed until they are serious enough to cause the athlete discomfort or impede performance. The skilled massage therapist will be able to detect variations in the soft tissues and by using the correct techniques, help maintain a much healthier physical state.
It may therefore be reasonably claimed that one of the greatest benefits of sports massage is in helping prevent injury.

What’s involved in a sports massage?

Your first appointment will include a thorough assessment including brief medical history, posture, functional movements of joints and muscles, and range of movement tests. Some questions about signs and symptoms you have experienced, this helps to determine your suitability for sports massage and will help to direct the session.

Please note we do not treat injured tissue. If you have suffered a recent injury please call us before making your booking.

If you have never had a massage therapy session before, we will take time to ensure we apply the appropriate depth and techniques best suited to your requirements. This is a true ‘hands on skill’ as many patients react differently to subtle differences in the application of the techniques. We may take you through some gentle stretching techniques in the session or encourage you to perform these simple exercises at home.
After a session some clients feel the warm buzz of an ‘endorphin response’ to the therapy and so we encourage clients to drink plenty of water to re-hydrate their tissues.

Most clients will feel a great sense of relaxation and restoration of normal tissue movement, but occasionally some will feel soreness and tenderness within the first 24 hours. If this occurs then it should settle slowly and the benefits you feel will come after that period.

Knowing what to wear to a massage session

Clients may be asked to undress privately and then the massage therapist will drape the client to ensure suitable blend between privacy and access to the relevant tissues for your session. The areas required to be massaged will be highlighted by your therapist before the session starts to gain your full approval and consent. Therefore suitable underwear or shorts are recommended.